A Christian, a Muslim, and an Atheist went out for dinner

by Ezza Naveed

Hello, beloved readers!

I am very thrilled about sharing a series of stories and ‘travel-ventures’ with you in the coming few weeks. The stories will all be themed “A Christian, a Muslim, and an Atheist went out for dinner”. 

In a world that is heartbreakingly divisive, one often feels out of control. When hatred raises its ugly head, that is when love soars higher. I do believe in empowering human beings through respect and value- no matter what. Despite our few differences, there are great reasons for us to come closer. And they can be as simple as a late night dinner.

In this series, join me as we embark on another journey- this one spanning many joyous years, and it all starts with a simple day in August’11.

Featuring stories of interfaith harmony and peaceful coexistence, get to meet your favourite (nonfictional) characters, Cynthia, Carlos, Sarwar and Todd among many, many others.

All love,
Ezza Naveed Irfan

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