The Runners on the Bridge of Life: When Joy Won

30th October 2018 Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea On a beautiful Autumn day when fallen leaves color the earth with hues of dusty orange and crimson, and the skies carry with itself scents of hot coffee brewing, I find myself in the back alleys of Seoul, exploring the secretive neighborhood of Mapo-gu. Emma, Hana, Steven, and … Continue reading The Runners on the Bridge of Life: When Joy Won


A rabbit hole of Impulsez Day 1

Of all the states out there, why had I almost impulsively bought a return trip to North Dakota, where "nothing ever happens" ? Maybe because it sounded like something fun, and something adventurous. Maybe because a dear friend had invited me. Plus, with tickets so cheap, a college student like me yelled: "sign me up".  I still think it was an impulse, a very adventure-spirited, Ezza impulse. An impul-Ez. Impulez. It is not a typo, no.

A traveller’s home: Letter to San Francisco

September 23rd, 2015San Francisco, United States ​ Oh San Francisco, Thousands have walked through you and thousands will walk through you, braiding the trickling information from tourist guides into sophisticated essays. I am sorry but I cannot commit to doing that. I will see you in your moments of simple divinity, in the smile of … Continue reading A traveller’s home: Letter to San Francisco