A traveller’s home: Letter to San Francisco

Staring at Ocean Beach from somewhere near the Twin Peaks

September 23rd, 2015San Francisco, United States

Oh San Francisco,

Thousands have walked through you and thousands will walk through you, braiding the trickling information from tourist guides into sophisticated essays. I am sorry but I cannot commit to doing that.

I will see you in your moments of simple divinity, in the smile of the frail old woman who pushes her cart through Chinatown, or the toddler whose finger is wrapped around his father as he smiles and waves at members of the homeless community, or trees with hollow barks, or an arch in the sky that I see only through photographs.

Because San Francisco, You are not only the great and famous places that thousands walk over daily and are forgotten.

But simple Adam who sells perfume around the corner down Powell.

Let me be a tiny part of your significant story. 


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