The music we cannot hear: a language that limits me

It is not just billboards or television, English is in pamphlets and mall announcements. It is in Facebook, it is in Google. It is in WordPress. English is everywhere in Pakistan. And there is nothing inherently wrong with it. Except that sometimes, we forget those humans who cannot access this language - a great majority of humans. They cannot access a whole world (the internet, ideas, literature, or movies). So culturally and socially, they develop at a tangent than those who can read English.

The girl who is you and me

26th September 2018 Hongdae - Seoul, South Korea In a little corner of modern Seoul, I sit where nature and concrete build together. Where art and engineering coexist, and where food is plentiful. I am in Scandina cafe with my friends who are from all over the world: a country that speaks of a rich … Continue reading The girl who is you and me