A rabbit hole of Impulsez Day 1

Of all the states out there, why had I almost impulsively bought a return trip to North Dakota, where "nothing ever happens" ? Maybe because it sounded like something fun, and something adventurous. Maybe because a dear friend had invited me. Plus, with tickets so cheap, a college student like me yelled: "sign me up".  I still think it was an impulse, a very adventure-spirited, Ezza impulse. An impul-Ez. Impulez. It is not a typo, no.

The Butter On the Ferry’s Windowsill

Vallejo, California November 4th, 2017 The sun is drowning in spools of cotton, thread-like and so silvery that none would mistake them for fluffy Autumn clouds. Almost by design, there is only some sunlight that is directly shining. And in the pale blue sea of California, it is casting a spotlight on my little ferry. … Continue reading The Butter On the Ferry’s Windowsill

A traveller’s home: Letter to San Francisco

September 23rd, 2015San Francisco, United States ​ Oh San Francisco, Thousands have walked through you and thousands will walk through you, braiding the trickling information from tourist guides into sophisticated essays. I am sorry but I cannot commit to doing that. I will see you in your moments of simple divinity, in the smile of … Continue reading A traveller’s home: Letter to San Francisco